Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Picture

We just celebrated Ross' and Katelyn's birthdays yesterday, and, in lieu of Ross leaving for college, took a family picture for him to have in his room. Here's how it turned out...amazing everyone is looking at the camera at the same time! We are so thankful for our family. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's a ... boy!

We found out a couple weeks ago the gender of our little one. We are rejoicing in the blessing of life, and the fun and adventures ahead with two boys! Nine weeks till our due date, but we'll see when this baby decides to arrive. :)

Ukraine Update

Here's the update we just sent out this week...

We are now home, and rejoicing in how God worked during this Ukraine trip! Over and over we saw God work in supernatural ways. We had many obstacles in getting to Ukraine. However, in the providence of God we finally arrived after three days of travel, and our luggage followed us three days later. Yes, the entire team was without their luggage for six days. J While in Ukraine, our primary ministry was helping Revival Baptist Church run an evangelistic camp for children. Many of these children came from the Chernobyl area of Ukraine, which is about sixty miles north of Kiev. This area is known for poverty and disease. Some of these children were orphans and others were from terribly abusive homes, and many of them had never before been to a church or had ever heard the gospel.

It was a wonderful privilege for our team to be used by God to point these children to Christ. When camp first started several of the children were spiritually hard and very rebellious. However, the Lord began to soften hearts by the power of the Spirit of God. The camp lasted for ten days, and as camp went along hearts began to soften to the gospel. Only God truly knows the hearts of each child, but we know of twenty-six children who repented and turned to Christ. Please continue to pray for these children that the gospel would take root and bear much fruit in their lives. We rejoice in the power of the gospel that is able to transform even the hardest of hearts.

We knew that in going to Ukraine to exalt the glories of Christ, God would teach us many things. He taught our team the power of prayer in a wonderful way. Almost all of our travel plans did not go according to our plans, but they went according to His plan. Through all of our struggles and trials our team learned how to “wait on the Lord.” They learned to “cast their cares upon Him.”

It was very evident during our trip that God answered prayer. We are so grateful for your support and encouragement. We were so thankful for the ability to serve on this trip, and to grow in our own walks with the Lord, as our view of God’s glory grew. We know that God has used you to enable us to travel in this way, and we praise God for you! We trust that you are able to rejoice as well, as you see how God used YOU!

Thankful for His saving grace,

Justin & Katelyn Schroeder