Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good afternoon to everyone out there in cyberspace - family and friends. Here are more pictures of little Joel. We are enjoying every moment with him (well - almost every moment). This first picutre is the little guy taking a nap - something which he does very well doing!
These next pictures are from Joel's first day at the Beach. We all took a picnic down to a lake near us here in CA - it was so very warm outside! The water was quite cold; Joel was not impressed. But, he soaked through his outfit as soon as we got there so he lived in his diaper (yes - we do put clothes on him at times). We are conviced that we have one of the cutest babies ever - but then again, every parent is.

Thanks for enjoying Joel with us! We are so thankful for him, and so thankful that God has given him to us to raise and care for. Continue to pray for us as we endeavor more than anything to point Joel to Jesus Christ. Our longing is that He will one day confess Him as Lord and Savior - truly that will be a great day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well, once again I have been deliquent in my blog posting. I thought for some reason I'd be doing this every other day. . . it seems I'm lucky if I do it every other week.

Joes is well and growing. We had to retire a few outfits last week because he has grown out of them :(, but we are thankful he is growing. He continues to make more and more noise; he is definitely not a quiet baby! He is a good baby, but not to quiet.

We hope you enjoy this video. We will try to post more pictures in a few days. We did have some very cute ones, but alas there was no memory card in the camera (sorry about that).

Have a great day! (Justin/Katelyn/baby Joel)

In this video, he was supposed be making lots of noise. However, as soon as the video camera came out, he got quiet. However - he's still the cutest kid in the world :)

Here is a view of Joel being "not so happy" in his bouncy seat.