Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello to all! This is the beginning of Justin & Katelyn Schroeder's baby blog. In 17 weeks, God willing, we will be bringing a baby into this world. We don't know what gender this child is going to be, but we are thrilled to meet him/her in 17 weeks. This blog-spot will be used on a regular basis to post updates, pictures, videos, etc. These three pictures are of our "first of many" baby registery times together,Katelyn's "baby-pooch, and baby schroed at 20 weeks (not quite sure who he looks like yet, but that okay:)

We are grateful for technology that will allow our family and friends that are so far away to stay connected to our lives and baby schroed:)

Grace and peace,

Justin/Katelyn -n-babyschroed